Blueberry Pie Ice Cream Sandwiches
Serves: 7-8 Pie-c cream sandwiches
  1. This one is pretty obvious. Stuff a scoop of ice cream between two hand pies. A few tips, however:
  2. For best results, stuff the ice cream between pies that are room temperature and serve immediately.
  3. You can assemble these and then freeze them, and they actually freeze pretty well. But for the best texture, serve when assembled.
  4. For thick ice cream sandwiches, like the ones pictured, line a wide 1 C. measuring cup with plastic wrap and press ice cream into it with a spoon. It should be easy to invert because of the plastic wrap. Place the side of the ice cream not lined in plastic on the bottom of a hand pie, then peel off the plastic and top the bottom of the ice cream with another hand pie.
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