Lemon Meringue Shortbread Tartlets
Serves: Makes 12-14 tartlets
  1. For the crust:
  2. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.
  3. Put the flour and powdered sugar in a food processor and process briefly, about 2 seconds. Add the butter pieces and process to blend, 8 to 10 seconds, then process until the mixture is pale yellow and resembles coarse meal, about three 1-second pulses.
  4. Divide the dough between 12-14 tartlet tins and press firmly with your fingers into an even layer over each tin bottom and sides. Using the tines of a fork, poke holes around the sides and bottoms of the dough lined tins. If using individual silicone baking cups, place them all on a baking sheet before baking.
  5. Bake the crusts in the preheated oven until the edges start to brown, about 12-15 minutes. Remove from oven and set aside. Keep oven on.
  6. For the filling:
  7. In a medium saucepan whisk together the egg yolks, whole eggs and sugar until combined. Add the lemon juice and salt and whisk until well combined, about 30 seconds.
  8. Add the butter pieces and cook over medium-low heat, stirring constantly with a whisk, until the curd thickens, about 6 minutes.
  9. Stir in the heavy cream and then pour the curd into the tartlet crusts, dividing evenly among them.
  10. Bake until the filling is shiny and opaque and the center 3 inches jiggle slightly when shaken, about 5 minutes. Let the Tartlets cool while you make the meringue using THIS recipe.
  11. When the meringue is finished, spoon it into a piping bag fitted with your choice of tip and pipe out little dollops of meringue on top of each tartlet.
  12. Using a Small Culinary Blowtorch, toast the tops of the meringues.
  13. If you do not have a blowtorch, place the tartlets under a broiler to toast the meringue, watching very, very closely as it can burn rather quickly using this method.
  14. Serve warm or chilled.
Recipe by The Kitchen McCabe at https://www.thekitchenmccabe.com/2014/05/14/lemon-meringue-shortbread-tartlets/